Capcom Bringing Back Puzzle Fighter With Mobile Release

Pretty Much the Perfect Platform For the Game, Really

Long ago, in the 32-bit era, Capcom released Super Puzzle Fighter 2, a fun little mix of combat and tile-matching that starred the cast of the Street Fighter series. Now, Capcom’s cute little hybrid is back on mobile devices as Puzzle Fighter.

Puizzle Fighter

Rather than a sequel or a reboot, this incarnation has been built from scratch by Capcom’s Vancouver team. You’ve got Street Fighter, Mega Man, Dead Rising and Darkstalkers characters making an appearance. Every fighter will have their own voice-overs and special moves as well. Like any good compilation fighter, you’ll choose a single main character, with two more fighters coming in to assist.

Puzzle Fighters will be out on mobile devices later this year. This is a free-to-play title, so expect the usual assortment of microtransactions and charges coming along for the ride. Also there’s a tiny trailer? Check it out below!