PSVR Fans Have a New Audio Headset Option Through bionik’s Mantis

Mantis Adds “Sound” to “Sight” on PSVR

The audio team at bionik just announced that Mantis, the highly anticipated audio solution integrated for PlayStation VR, is now available. The Mantis is an attachable headphone set that snaps directly onto PSVR, featuring “top-notch” sound to further “envelop” the player. The Mantis’ design is lightweight and rests comfortably on the player’s ear, reducing ear fatigue for hassle-free sessions. Outfitted to complement the color scheme to “seamlessly” blend with the native PSVR headset, Mantis is the latest in bionik’s line of “innovative” gaming accessories.

Mantis 1 1280

“Sound is an integral element that provides a comprehensive and fully dynamic gaming experience,” said Amir Navid, bionik’s SVP of Product Development. “There is a fantastic and expanding library of games on this new platform and Mantis is an exceptional audio enhancement to the PlayStation VR experience.” That’s right, he went there! Sound is an integral element in the gaming experience, one might say that it’s half the experience to beautifully couple with sight. It’s a beautiful Ying and Yang of using your eyes and your ears that gamers have raved about.

Mantis 2 1280

But don’t take my word for it, as I asked a man on the street I was passing by while writing this article:

“What the hell do you want? Yes? What the hell is PSVR? No, you’re an idiot. Get out of my (expletive) face!”

There you have it, folks.

bionik’s Mantis is now available for $49.99 (MSRP) on and Amazon.

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