Murderous Vendettas and Online Conquest Detailed for Shadow of War

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Will Also Be a Storm the Castle Game

As a result of Eurogamer’s trip to Seattle, we get some new insight into Middle-Earth Shadow of War’s online aspects. These are highlighted in two features, Social Conquest and Vendetta.

Shadow of War Top

After a detailed look at what developer Monolith’s been doing, here’s what we learn. Social Conquest offers a defend-the-castle style of competitive play. Players will be able to assign captains to their forts and apply fortifications as they see fit. Using in-game currency, you’ll be able to customize your defenses to a degree, setting up catapults, garrisons, trolls, etc. As a final note, you’ll be able to choose an overlord; every castle needs a boss.

You don’t have to build a castle to participate in Social Conquest, however. You can invade as you like. Select a rival fortification and lay siege. If victorious, you gain loot, experience, and other worthwhile rewards. More than likely, this game mode will spawn two different types of players, those who build and those who attack. Either way, there’s substantial replay value.

Then there’s Vendetta, which is back with a vengeance…

Players can avenge their pals by entering their version of Mordor. Thus, all the Nemesis data will be in place. From there, you can embark upon your revenge mission to kill the rival that killed your friend. Once done, a notification will be sent to your friends’ inbox and both of you will receive rewards. Of course, you’ll have to find ways to draw out the slayer first. Just as in Shadow of Mordor, big bad orcs can be drawn out of hiding by completing certain mini-objectives.

Therefore, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War may be an ideal game for anyone who prefers laying waste to rivals and castles. Does that sound like a sequel that’s right up your alley?

In other news, we recently learned about the Shadow of War’s in-game market, the details of which you can find here. And if you haven’t already, you can discover the latest trailer showcasing Shelob‘s role in the game.

Happy gaming.