Newest Etrian Odyssey Has Rabbit-Eared Blademasters and Everything is Just Great

The Masurao Can Also Wield Four Swords at Once, Somehow

The newest Etrian Odyssey game looks to be more of the same so far, and what’s so bad about that? Nothing, that’s what. Beyond the Myth, the fifth chapter in the Etrian series, still comes with a few changes however. One of those changes is the inclusion of the Masurao, sword-wielding warriors with animal ears. Adorable!

Newest Etrian Odyssey Class

On top of that, the new character class can wield four swords at once. The Etrian series has a rich history of letting you wear weapons instead of armour, although this seems like a step further than they’ve previously gone. For reference, there’s normally four slots for equipment allotted for each character you create. One for a weapon, one for armour and two for accessories. The Masurao eschews things like shields, boots, gloves and helmets to make room for more swords. As the series is pretty light on character animations this leaves a lot of the logistics here to the imagination. Is your character running into battle in their underwear, clumsily swinging two swords in each hand? Does the Masurao have a sword-keychain they whip around like a cat o’ nine tails? Where are you putting all these swords, rabbit lady?

The Masurao can slice up a whole line of enemies and lure in boss-type monsters for terrifying battles at your convenience. Gamers unfamiliar with the series need only know that summoning boss monsters is a mostly fatal error in an Etrian Odyssey game. This merciless RPG series hearkens back to the days when you needed to draw up a map as you went along for fear of getting hopelessly lost, Also, every game in the series is crazy hard! Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on October 17th, 2017.

SOURCE: Press Release