GameCube Games May Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Old Games May Be Made Available through Virtual Console

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most highly-sought after consoles; its portability is one reason and its first-party lineup is another. But one thing fans undoubtedly hope for one day is the inclusion of backward compatible GameCube games. If new evidence is any indication, these may be coming to the Nintendo Switch via virtual console.


New images from the Nintendo Europe website servers have surfaced, and they indicate at least two Nintendo GameCube games may be re-releasing. These are Doshin The Giant and Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut. Seeing as it’s unlikely they’d arrive just for the Switch, theories point to their arrival on Nintendo Virtual Console. If such is the case, it sets a precedent for the arrival of more GameCube games.

As you’ll note from the image above, listings indicate practically nothing beyond the game titles. But since release dates are “TBD,” they imply yet unreleased versions as opposed to the original installments. Furthermore, Nintendo is aware of fan desire for the return of classics. For all we know, they may include GameCube games as a feature of their subscription service once they implement an online fee.

Everything said, there’s been no official word on the arrival of GameCube games to Virtual Console; therefore, you should take the image with a grain of salt. Check back for relevant updates as time goes by. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts toward the arrival of GameCube Games for Nintendo Switch. Is that a feature you’d prefer to have? Comment down below.