Absolver Details New Online Features in a World of Martial Arts

Develop Better Skills and Teach Them to Players… Or Don’t

Absolver offers a shared world of martial arts where there are various ways to approach other players. Every player is a prospect customizing their own move sets and characters. But there are multiple ways to interact with people and the environment, and developer Sloclap has delivered more details on how.


In the world of Adal, players will adventure to hone their fighting abilities. Learning new moves is the prime part of your mission. You’ll discover both NPCs and other players to test your skills against, but here’s where things get interesting; Sloclap is delivering a feature that lets prospects learn under other players. Thanks to the unique fighting school mechanic, one player can become a mentor to others. Once players become students, they can gain access to the mentor’s deck of moves, even if they haven’t unlocked them yet.

Absolver is as much an adventure title as it is a fighting game. You will navigate the world with the option for PvE, friendly sparring, or competitive PvP. Furthermore, you can do everything while cooperating with up to three players. This can lead to 3v3 matches or a joint adventure of discovering martial arts.

More is detailed in the newly released “Friends and Foes” video that highlights Absolver’s online aspects. You can view it down below.

Absolver arrives on August 29 for the PC and PlayStation 4. To learn more about what the game has to offer, you can visit absolvergame.com.

SOURCE: Press Release