Total War: Warhammer 2 Dark Elves Trailer and Unit Roster

Dark Elf Fans Finally Get Their Spotlight in the Total War Series

Creative Assembly is coming with their next installment in Total War: Warhammer 2 and they’re revealing more information about the bitter war between High Elves, Dark Elves, and Lizardmen. Just recently, they revealed a new trailer highlighting the Dark Elf faction, which you can see below:

Clearly, the Dark Elf faction will follow the revenge story of Malekith. According to the newly revealed roster, he will be playable in the game along with his mother Morathi. All the units were revealed in a Facebook livestream, still available here for your viewing pleasure.

Some points of interest; the Dark Elves will have the “murderous prowess” ability that improves the slaughtering skills of units for one minute. It can be triggered by more deaths on the battlefields. Thus, whether you’re getting murdered or doing the murdering, you’ll improve your units’ murderous potential. Additionally, Lizardmen’s Saurus units have a ‘Predatory Senses’ ability that lets them sniff out stealth units. Discover the rest of the Druchii units below.

Total War: Warhammer 2


Malekith is the son of Morathi and Aenarion. He grew to be a mighty warrior, a great sorcerer and a brilliant general, but was shunned by his folk when Aenarion was slain. Wehn Bel-Shanaar was chosen to rule in his stead and Malekith began a long campaign that has lasted for five thousand years.

Now reigning over his dispossessed people as the Witch King of Naggaroth, Malekith is a fearsome warrior and mighty sorcerer. With both spell and blade he destroys all that oppose him. His burnt and scarred body is bound within the magical plates of the Armour of Midnight, and few face the wrath of the Witch King and survive.


After the Witch King himself, Morathi is the single most powerful Dark Elf in all of Naggaroth. Born to scheming and politics, and a talented sorceress, Morathi has spent five thousand years teaching her son all she knows of statecraft and magic, and works to maintain his grip on the throne of Naggaroth. Morathi is totally dedicated to her son, as he is to her. Between them they rule Naggaroth with an iron grip and bloodied sword.

Morathi has always had the taint of Chaos about her – She met with Malekith’s father, Aenarion, when the Elven lord rescued her from a Chaos attack. Many believe that it was during her time as a captive that the insidious claws of the Dark Gods first crept in her soul. It was Morathi who founded the Cult of Pleasure on Ulthuan, which eventually led to bloody civil war and the cataclysm of the Sundering. Morathi was the first to perfect the Dark Art, opening up gateways to the realms of Chaos to steal vast and unimaginable powers. Combined with her stunning beauty and keen intellect, it is Morathi’s magical abilities that allow her to hold sway over her enemies.



Missile Lord – Dreadlord (male). Mounts: Dark Steed, Cold One, Dark Pegasus, Black Dragon
Melee Lord – Dreadlord (female). Mounts: Dark Steed, Cold One, Dark Pegasus, Black Dragon


Missile Hero – Khainite Assassin. Mounts: None (but will have various poisons)
Melee Hero – Death Hag. Mounts: Cauldron of Blood (will have incantation buffs)
Caster Hero – Sorceress. Mounts: Dark Steed, Dark Pegasus, Cold One


Bleakswords (swords, tower shields)
Dreadspears (spears, tower shields)
Darkshards (repeater crossbows, also have a shield variant)
Black Ark Corsair (dual swords, or sword and handbow)
Witch Elves (dual swords, poison that inflicts Rampage)
Har Ganeth Executioners (greatswords, “almost” on par with High Elf swordmasters)
Black Guard of Naggarond (halberds, aggressive version of Phoenix Guard, buffed by Malekith)
Shades (can be crossbow, dual sword, or great weapon variants; stealthy, fast)


Cold One Knights (shock cavalry, lance option)
Dark Riders (repeater crossbow, melee and shield option, very fast, lower leadership)


Cold One Chariot (guys on the back have repeater crossbows)

War Machines

Reaper Bolt Thrower (like the High Elf version can fire a single bolt or spread for anti-infantry)


Harpies (flying, similar to Beastman version)
War Hydra (as seen in yesterday’s trailer, five fire-breathing heads, and can regenerate)
Black Dragon (breathes poisonous gas)

Total War: Warhammer 2 hits retail on September 28, 2017.