Tiny Tidbit of Information Released Regarding The Champion’s Ballad

Nintendo Reveals a Tiny Tidbit of Data About The Next Breath of the Wild DLC

Now that The Master Trials have been out for a whole week, it’s time to start obsessing over the next section of the Breath of the Wild DLC. Nintendo of Europe have released a teeny tiny tidbit of information to have you doing just that.

The Champion's Ballad DLC tiny tidbit

A twitter post from Nintendo showcased an incredibly short video of the DLC in it’s development phase. We get a couple shots of Zelda venturing throughout the world, along with some side characters that make the time period sort of hard to pin down. Is she meeting these people in the past or the present? It feels like the footage is set up so this conclusion is hard to properly come to.

Along with the snippet of footage was the confirmation that yes, you will be playing Link in this expansion. There was some speculation for a while that this might not be the case, but this has been officially dispelled. We will be learning more about Zelda, however. Honestly, this is enough. The scraps of story we were given in the main game were well-crafted, but they left you wanting more. Even if what we get amounts to nothing more than an extra set of flashbacks, it will still expand the backstory of one of Zelda’s coolest and most well-written incarnations in decades. Maybe ever? The Champion’s Ballad will be released this holiday season for the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch.