Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle Sees Permanent Price Cut – Permanent!

VR Gaming Permanently Becomes More Accessible

Facebook really believes in the power of VR and its ability to gain a larger audience. And after placing their Oculus Rift headset on sale, they realized that the biggest bar to popularity was the price. Well, in an effort to remedy that, they’re now slashing it permanently. From here on, the Oculus Rift bundle will be available for $499.99.

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This major price drop now directly competes with the PSVR bundle. In addition, however, the Oculus Rift bundle comes with seven games available in their store. These include  Robo Recall, Lucky’s Tale, Dragon Front, Quill, Medium, Dead & Buried, and Toybox. But wait! The Oculus Summer Sale is still going on.

The new $499 price tag was motivated by the success of Oculus’s Summer Sale, which sets the Oculus Rift at a $399 price point. This is even cheaper than the PSVR bundle and offers even more for your buck. And it’s leagues cheaper than the competing HTC Vice at $800. For an extra $60/£60, Oculus users can purchase extra sensors that allow for full room-scale capability.

No need to get ahead of ourselves though. Remember, the Oculus Rift still requires a strong enough PC to function properly. You can view the PC requirements at the official website.

With time, Facebook and Oculus intend to release a budget wireless VR headset $200. Expect more news on that as it arrives.

In other news, the surge in Oculus Rift headset sales saw a major increase in Adult VR sales. Popular titles include Girlfriend VR and Custom Waifu Simulator.

Do you intend to pick up the Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle? It may never be cheaper than it is now.