GameStop Exclusive Super Mario Puzzle Is a Terrible, Terrible Thing

Nintendo Wants to Punish You with a GameStop Exclusive Super Mario Puzzle

Just the thought of a Super Mario puzzle doesn’t seem like such a terrible thing. The franchise itself is a colorful and exciting expression of Nintendo culture. But imagine a Super Mario puzzle that contains a thousand pieces and is almost entirely composed of red pieces. Well, this GameStop exclusive Super Mario Puzzle has been crafted to make your wildest nightmares come true.

GameStop Exclusive Super Mario Puzzle

Created by USAopoly and apparently approved by Nintendo, this puzzle is less of a nostalgic homage to a beloved Nintendo franchise and more of a punishment that Nintendo wishes to inflict upon its fans for ever expressing interest in its products.

As you can see from this very blunt and expressive Tweet, whoever designed this product wanted you to suffer:

The description for the Super Mario Ready for Action Puzzle reads – “Everyone’s favorite video character of all-time comes to life in this beautifully colorful 1000-piece puzzle. Piece together a playful close-up image of Mario and add this to your Super Mario puzzle collection.” That’s one thousand pieces of self-loathing, all packaged together in one box.

It seems as if Mario puzzles will be eternally fated to containing large amounts of a single color, lest we forget the USAopoly puzzle of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 that was almost entirely blue. Although less abrasive than the harsh red color the latest puzzle is made of, it’s still obvious that whoever is in charge of designing these things loves torturing Nintendo fans.

This awful and evil Super Mario puzzle is currently on sale exclusively through GameStop for $9.99. Just in case you decide you want to take on an activity that’s mildly easier than pulling out your own teeth.