Holy Cow, There’s a Final Fantasy TCG

Also There’s a Final Fantasy TCG Tournament Happening in the Fall

Square Enix is holding the first-ever North American tournament for the Final Fantasy TCG this fall in Los Angeles. In other news, Final Fantasy has a trading card game. Old news, perhaps, but still a little shocking I’ve never heard of this before now.

Final Fantasy TCG

Maybe it’s more well-known among actual TCG circles, but one would think that a collectible form of Final Fantasy art being in wide circulation for over a year would have hit my radar screens before this. Am I just the last person on earth to find out that this is a thing? Anyway, the tournament is taking place September 16-17 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel. Those who do well enough in the North American tournament will be eligible to compete in the World Finals in Tokyo this November.

Seriously, why don’t I hear more about this game? Maybe it isn’t the traditional sort of Final Fantasy game, but that fabulous art should at least ensure it pops up in the news more often. Maybe it’s terrible? Even if the gameplay elements were lacking in some fashion, those cards are still collectible as all heck. If there’s any trading card game people reading this, let me know. Is this game terrible? Is it just something no one talks about? Have I just been living under a rock for the last year or so? Interested players can register for the tournament here.

SOURCE: Press Release