Wrap Your Ears in the Elite Pro PC Edition from Turtle Beach

Moderately Priced Elite Pro PC Edition Gives PC Players Tournament Quality Sound

Hello, you sound nuts! If you’re a PC player and envious of all those console gamers at their sick-ass tournaments, banging it out to the cleanest sound when you KNOW you could crush all of them with your keyboard and mouse: your day has come. Turtle Beach announced the Elite Pro series gaming cans are now available for the PC in the aptly named Elite Pro PC Edition line.

“PC gaming continues to be one of the most competitive and demanding segments in all of esports,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “The Elite Pro represents the pinnacle of our design and engineering efforts and we could not be happier to have PC players now able to compete and win in all their gaming endeavors using our new Elite Pro – PC Edition.”

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The “Elite” series product line represents the highest in audio and build quality from Turtle Beach, and offers gamers the ultimate professional-grade features. Designed from the ground up for today’s generation of esports athletes and hardcore gamers playing on PC, the Elite Pro – PC Edition is the future of PC gaming headsets. Full details for the Elite Pro – PC Edition professional gaming headset include:

  • ComforTec™ Fit System – Experience a groundbreaking new level of comfort with this revolutionary, adjustable fit system.
  • Aerofit™ Ear Cushions – Revolutionary material technologies combine to keep your ears comfortable and cool, while also blocking out external noise and improving bass response.
  • ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System – Comfortably wear your headset with glasses thanks to our patented, pressure-relieving technology.
  • DTS Headphone:X® Surround Sound Technology – Creates a unique, immersive 7.1 channel soundstage around your head so you can pinpoint the exact location of every sound.
  • DTS Surround Sound Modes – Personalize your audio preferences with surround sound modes specifically tuned for games, movies and music.
  • Superhuman Hearing™ – Gain the competitive advantage by hearing every single sound around you, like other players sneaking-up behind you and enemy weapon reloads around a corner just before an ambush, and vehicles off in the distance bringing in reinforcements. Hear Everything. Defeat Everyone.
  • Pro Gaming Mic with TruSpeak™ Technology – Ensure your voice is heard loud and clear with this professional quality mic.
  • 50mm Nanoclear™ Speakers – Immerse yourself in the game and hear your teammates clearly, thanks to our signature esports audio tuning and large, powerful 50mm speakers.

Lots of proprietary trademarked technologies, but she gets the job done. And at a modest price of $199.95 MSRP, it’s relatively affordable.

The Elite Pro – PC Edition is available now at www.turtlebeach.com and participating retailers.