Artist Paints over NES Images to Create Stunning Works of Nostalgia

Classic NES Games Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We love new perspectives in gaming and thus love the artwork by Andrés Moncayo. Based out of New York, he’s published many designs utilizing screenshots from nostalgic NES titles. These include none other than Zelda 2: The Adventure of LinkNinja Gaiden, and much more.

Ninja Gaiden

When Moncayo’s artwork comes to life, it’s as if he’s given us the remasters we don’t need but deserve. Except, it’s all a painting. He’s combined his craft with the nostalgia brought by NES games; as a result, we have products that seemingly transcend both gaming and art. See more what I’m talking about below.

Duck Hunt
Contra II
Contra II
Zelda II

Moncayo didn’t just paint over each screenshot to make them more beautiful. There’s a particular inspiration behind these paintings. Every NES game in his portfolio is one he played as a kid. And according to him, his representations (right) are a reflection of how he remembered the games vs the reality (left). Perhaps, we’ve all had similar interpretations?

How do you like these NES paintings? Is there a difference between the actual games and how you remember them? Comment down below. And if you would like to discover more of Moncayo’s art, you can check out his portfolio here.

Happy gaming.