Watch the Making of Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary – Now with English Subtitles

You Can Now Watch the 50-Minute Making of Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary with English Subtitles

When the PlayStation 4 exclusive title Horizon Zero Dawn launched earlier this year, it smashed through scores and brought gamers one of the most beautiful gaming experiences of all time. Previously only available in the Dutch language, the 50-minute making of Horizon Zero Dawn documentary is now available with English subtitles. Vpro released the feature-length documentary straight to their YouTube channel, so you can watch the making of the gorgeous Guerrilla Games title from whichever platform proves most convenient.

Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary TOP SCREEN - Override Strider horizon zero dawn accolades trailer horizon zero dawn second patch

Now, thanks to Vpro, you don’t have to speak Dutch to enjoy all of the awesome developer insight in the making of video. Just activate closed captioning in the following video!:

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