Pokemon GO Celebrates Easter with the New Eggstravaganza Event

There’s Hardly Been a Better Time to Catch ‘Em All

Starting at 1 PM today and lasting until April 20th, active Pokemon Trainers can participate in the unique Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza¬†event. Meaning, there is now a bonus for everything you do, most notably, the egg pool. Here’s what we know about the event, so far.

Pokemon Go update Nostalgia Top Screen

Pokemon Go is adding more Pokemon to the 2 Kilometer egg pool. We’re still learning bits about which Pokemon will hatch. But, according to a rumor from yesterday, hatches will include some rare Pokemon:¬†Lapras, Snorlax, and so on. Moreover, participants will gain more rare candies from hatches. You can never have too many of those. Not only that but everything you do garners double XP. Therefore, this next week provides the perfect excuse to go out for a jog, or two, or three. Expect to be a lot slimmer by event’s end.

Of course, if you figure you don’t have enough time to take full advantage of the event, Niantic’s got you covered. For this week only, Lucky Eggs are available for double XP. Yes, you have to buy them, but they are 50% off during the Eggstravaganza. Hence, you can double your double XP for 30 minutes at the cost of $0.40. Not too bad.

Pokemon Go Plus Stocking Stuffer

As for what else lies in store, only active players can find out. Only participating in the Eggstravaganza shall reveal hidden features. Naturally, you’re free to comment down below informing us of your own experience. Take advantage of the Pokemon Go Easter Event now, and good luck, trainers.