New Details About Minecraft Switch Edition

Microsoft Discloses Approximate World Size and Framerate of Minecraft Switch Edition During Yesterday’s Live Stream

During a Minecraft stream yesterday, Microsoft shared some new details about the Minecraft Switch edition coming on May 11th. In spite of a couple technical problems, some off-screen footage was shown that showcased Microsoft’s progress with the port.


Apparently the team has gotten this version of Minecraft running at a butter-smooth 60 FPS, a marked improvement over the Wii U’s average of 20-25 FPS for its version of the game. This framerate is specific to portable mode, mind you. There’s no word on what the FPS will be when the system is docked. Based on the performance differences seen in other games, we can expect Minecraft to follow suit. In addition, the world size will be around 3072×3072, compared to the Wii U world size of 864×864. Yes, this means the Switch version of Minecraft will only be using medium-sized worlds. But that’s still a big leap compared to the previous version on the Wii U.

The team has had a pretty breezy time adopting Minecraft to the Nintendo Switch. Apparently this version of the game will be equivalent to the main version’s January update when it comes out in May. Afterwards, it will likely be a quick process to get the game up to speed, update-wise. You can check out the off-screen footage embedded below. The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft will be released digitally on May 11th, 2017.