Fallout Cosplay Takes a Wrong Turn When Gamer Gets Swarmed by Police in Grande Prairie

Gamer Gets Swarmed by Police in Grande Prairie – Guns Drawn over Fallout Cosplay

A gamer dressed in Fallout cosplay was met with guns drawn when found walking down a Grande Prairie street fully equipped in post-apocalyptic attire, including a gas mask, helmet, armor, and bullet belt. He was also sporting a “New California Republic” flag, apparently very proudly representing his game faction. Citizens became very concerned and called in, making reports of what looked like a bomb being carried on the cosplayer’s back.

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The cosplayer was met with eight officers, guns drawn and ready. Photos showing officers crouched behind vehicles and bushes show that they took these reports very seriously, and were prepared to swarm the individual who appeared to be casually walking into a business. Little did they know, the staff members of Bell Tower Plaza did not need to be removed, as he was walking in to take measurements at a local business, Lynn’s Alterations. The owner, Hoa Huynh, stated he was coming in for costume adjustments.

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The RCMP called Huynh, asking if they saw wires on the cosplayer and instructed him to leave out of the back door. The RCMP soon met up with the individual in Fallout cosplay, prepared for a heavy confrontation, but, upon simply talking to the guy and finding out that the so-called “bomb” was just a bunch of Pringles potato chip cans painted silver, they quickly found out that the guy was just a video game cosplayer and that he certainly wasn’t planning on bombing anyone in the vicinity.

They took the cosplayer into custody, but released them and didn’t press any charges.

RCMP Cpl. Shawn Graham believes that this should be a warning to cosplay enthusiasts, stating that fake weapons could easily be mistaken for real ones, and to keep dangerous-looking items away from public eye.