This Horrifying Video Will Make You Rethink Purchasing a Nintendo Switch

Sad Nintendo Switch Video

Last Friday, the long awaited Nintendo Switch, along with the much hyped The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, arrived. According to GameStop, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful gaming console launches the company has experienced in years. Since people have had the consoles in their hands for almost a week now, reports of various issues have been surfacing all over the internet. People have been complaining about the poor design decisions, sync issues, faults and breakages. Today, we noticed a YouTube video which is a troubling compilation of some of the problems so far.

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This video certainly makes for some depressing viewing, especially if you’ve already bought the console but at the same time hopefully there are some takeaways from the video. For instance, perhaps you will grab a screen protector or maybe be a little more careful when docking the Switch. Sit back and enjoy this 12-minute video:

Granted, when any product sells in large volumes, like the Nintendo Switch has over the course of the past week, you’re going to have people with issues. Yet some of the problems seem to be more to do with Nintendo’s design choices than plain old bad luck. For instance, as one Reddit user points out, the dock doesn’t even need the front panel that’s been scratching people’s screens. Another pointed out that someone fixed one of the common issues with sync on the left Joy-Con by soldering a simple wire that Nintendo could have done themselves.

Regardless, we still think it’s a pretty revolutionary piece of hardware. We also hope it’s the beginning of a hopefully long and healthy life-cycle for the Nintendo Switch. The hardware is undoubtedly very appealing.

Have you encountered any problems? Tell us in the comments below.


  • OUfan08

    I’ve yet to have a single issue, and so far none of my fellow friends who have a Switch have reported issues. I even was talking to my wife about this and she laughed, because she plays the Switch as well and says it has worked fine for her.

    Pretty far stretch to blame “design issues” on unsubstantiated (numbers wise) problems when plenty of other people haven’t had issues.

  • Brotsy

    This “article” is click-bait and lazy. Author is relying on a YouTube video vs verifying these things personally, c’mon. Almost as bad as fake news.

  • Ty

    Absolutely zero problems here. Have had nearly every system since the 1980’s and MANY launch systems. Switch is hands down my favorite system I have ever owned. Every tech release has bumps. Out of 2 million consoles sold when a dozen people have problems that is expected. Sorry they have problems tho just simply return it.