Borderlands 3 Screenshots Reportedly Leaked from Tech Demo

Update: The Photos are not Leaked but revealed from an obscured segment of a 2016 tech demo for Borderlands 3 streamed on Twitch. Our Initial source reported them as leaked, thus we did the same. We are not in the habit of click-baiting and shall endeavor to apply more transparent labels in the future.

Just a Peek at How Things Are Coming along for Long-Awaited Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is currently in development as many may already be aware. Fans eagerly await the sequel to Gearbox’s wildly beloved and lovingly wild franchise. So much so that everything developed and published by Gearbox comes under severe scrutiny if Borderlands 3 is not in the title. Well, here’s a preview of something that may or may not be in the highly-anticipated sequel.

Borderlands 3

Reported via NeoGAF, a recent tech demo at an Unreal Engine 4 conference showcased the earliest previews of in-game graphics. But the speaker also stressed that it is not gameplay, simply a preview of what may or may not be in the final product. However, screenshots provide a glimpse of what Borderlands 3 could look like; moreover, we learn a little bit about how the game will be rendered for next generation. Obviously, devs want to maintain the unique art style of Borderlands, but they’re also working towards complex rendering that will deliver a tinge of realism alongside pristine graphics.

Some additional worthwhile notes from NeoGAF user Nirolak:

  • This is a demo of their current progress on their tech. This is still likely 18+ months out based on statements from Take-Two and Gearbox earlier in 2016.
  • He’s also very clear this is a tech demo and anything seen here might not ship or be changed.
  • Randy hinted that this takes place on new planet(s).
  • Randy also hinted that the character is someone we know when he was explaining why they weren’t showing her face.
  • Some of these might not have all the effects turned on because they were showing each part of their process.
  • I took these by screenshotting a Twitch stream, so there might be some detail lost here.

We patiently (or impatiently) await more news for Borderlands 3. This is easily Gearbox’s most anticipated game since Borderlands 2, which opened to fantastic critical reception last generation. So stay tuned for info as it comes. Happy gaming.