Blizzard Shuts Down Fan Created Overwatch Playboy-Style Online Magazine

Game Over For Playwatch

After artist Manusogi’s line of Playboy-style Overwatch magazine covers were released into the wild, fans went ahead and filled out the rest of the pages. They put together an online magazine called “Playwatch” which features articles, interviews with real-life cosplayers and loads of sexy fan art. Today, we learned the website has been taken down.

Playwatch Pic 1

If you try to access this fan created Playboy-style Overwatch magazine you’ll see a message that states the following:

“Dear Playwatch Fans,

We have received a notification from a digital copyright protection agency that claims Playwatch Magazine infringes Blizzard’s intellectual property rights. For that reason, we have contacted Blizzard directly and decided to close the website until we have an answer from them.

We have spent our time and resources to make Playwatch a big project, and this has clearly paid off. Your help and enthusiasm made it all worth it.

We started several months ago with the goal of bringing Overwatch fans a new way of enjoying the game and creating a place where artists and writers could share their work with the rest of the community.

The entire Playwatch Team is extremely grateful for your support. It has been a privilege getting to know you all, and we will keep you updated with any news we have.

If you want to contact us, we will read all emails sent to

We will see you in the battleground Heroes!”

You can check out more sexy art work on page 2