Free Multiplayer Week On PS4 Kicks Off On February 17th

Fire Up Your PlayStation 4 And Get Ready To Test Your Friendships!

Playstation ups the ante on its past free weekend multiplayer events. They are now bringing PS4 owners a full week of cooperative or competitive play, free of charge. This Free Multiplayer Week does not require a Playstation Plus pass, any PS4 game with an online multiplayer mode will have it be accessible.

battleborn vs overwatch

The event kicks off on February 17th in North America and will run until February 23rd. Europe will also receive their own free multiplayer period on February 22nd through the 26th. All players need to do during this period is put in their favorite games and if there is a multiplayer option, it will be available. Overwatch, Call of Duty, Titan Fall 2…you name it. We won’t judge.

If you are a strictly Xbox One player, don’t feel left out. Microsoft is currently offering free gameplay for two of its most popular online games as part of their “Multiplayer All-Access Event” From February 16th until the 19th players can play NBA 2K17 and Rocket League for free.

Rocket League

While players will have access to online multiplayer, they will not receive any of the other PlayStation Plus benefits, such as sales on games and free games of the month. However, if you are new to Playstation’s online gaming community, this is a perfect time to try out some online play with no pressure of commitment.

Good time for some multiplayer action. Do you have any particular games you are going to try during the Free Multiplayer Week? Or are you a pro at Rocket League? Let us know in the comments!