Overwatch Playboy-Style Online Magazine Created by Fans Resurfaces

Game Over For Playwatch

Last week we told you how the Playboy-style Overwatch¬†online magazine called “Playwatch” which features articles, interviews with real-life cosplayers and loads of sexy fan art was taken down. Recently, we learned the Playwatch team has been managing to share the magazines with fans in a clever and creative way.

Playwatch Pic 1

If you click on the website you get a message which you can view on page 2; however, a Playwatch user uploaded the magazines in case you want to read them. We clicked on the link and uploaded the magazines, so the link is safe.

You can access them here:


Playwatch Pic 2

Playwatch Pic 4

Click on through to PAGE 2 for more images and info…

  • CitizenKane

    F political correctness police and F the social justice warriors.

    • The_Lady_in_the_Van

      Trump’s motto, yeah. Creeps.

      • Anubisseesall

        I hate how political everything has become, Also hate how the US President has to be made a mockery of for trying to stand up for what he believes and for taking a little pride in his nation. It’s should not be pushed as “Trump’s motto” freedom of speech and being able to fight back against regressive mentality (like what most of the SJWs agenda) is a symbol of the free world

        • The_Lady_in_the_Van

          It is that precise attitude that has led to this. 4chan, Redditor virgin brotherhoods coming together to comdemn anything “inclusive” with sayings like “sjw.”

          What makes this type of “normal” bad? It is normal. Normal is good.

          So i apologise. Everything is now “political” and it is the fault of those with that attitude, who voted for Trump, who is making the written and televised media include political debate in every discussion amd guess what? The world will never be the same. Politics will be in every discussion as these last few years have solidified politics as the building blocks of society.

          So regardless of you people feel, talk of politics on a daily basis is ‘here to stay.

          • Anubisseesall

            I blame Obama and the regressives who permeate the controlling arms of the EU for this not Trump or the populist movement, they are too new to be the cause, but are the reaction. The inclusive nonsense was created to sequester and silence creativity and freedom of expression because the heavy leaning left felt it necessary to challenge both societal and medium norms at practically all levels.

            The problem is that people gave them (the SJWs for lack of a better term) a platform to do so, and political leaders encouraged and supported it, because part of us questioned ourselves and were willing to listen. now that the other half of the worlds population has had enough and wants to tone it down or take a step back you have this explosion of people needing to “take a stand” or “resist” when in reality we already had these freedoms and were more inclusive then ever before.

            Now as a result we will end up constantly fighting and over politicizing everything but thats not the fault of populists, rather Trump and those coming to power in the EU now were created in the vacuum of the Inclusionist, SJW, gamer gate, new feminist movements. They only have them selves to blame, because thats what happens when your force societal change on people through riots, bathroom laws and scream of perceived often baseless claims of injustices.

          • The_Lady_in_the_Van

            It scares me that you complain about speakers being given a platform.

            What it says is that those “regressives” are winning and If you measure it:

            It has gone more progressive generation by generation so those “regressives” will win.

            Bad attitudes led to the poor, the old and the (for lack of a better word) badly educated to be convinced by the rich to revoke their own rights away.

            In short: you were tricked, you were duped and to make it perfectly clear:

            The rich played you, and won and the suffering of the old, the dumb and the poor (if you aren’t already one of them) will be on you.

    • Anubisseesall

      Could not agree more. I mean look there’s nothing wrong with listening to each others concerns and opinions but there is a point where you just might not agree with the other person/side/party and that doesn’t mean that they are wrong and have to shut up.

      both women and men are sexualized/idealized. They have been for decades in gaming and since the creation of art. Its just part of human nature. Should we always be blatant and insensitive about it no. Nor should we try and silence or change it. Some nice cleavage or a well shaped ass is just as welcome or unnecessary as shirtless men with big pecks, six pack abs and over packed cod pieces. Sorry to say but being the social thought police isnt helping, its making it worse.

  • Cry Somemoar

    Link is down, file got deleted. Can anyone reupload?