Sony’s PS4 Platinum Headset Has Been Delayed

Sony’s Headset was Expected on Jan. 12th, No New Release Date Yet

The first-party headset, originally set for release in less than 24 hours, no longer has a release date on some store sites.

PS4 Platinum Wireless Headset

According to a report from PowerUpGaming, the headset’s previous release date is no longer in effect. If accurate, this will be the second time the headset has been delayed.

At the time this is being written, there are multiple release dates listed for Sony’s new hardware. has it listed for January 17. has the same product coming out on January 31st. EBgames has the release date pushed back until next December. The discrepancy between release dates is troubling enough on its own, never mind the last-minute nature of the delay.

Sony has yet to come out with a new release date for the device. The Sony site only says it’s not yet available in the region. Hopefully it comes out before next December. At the very least, fans will want to know why this second delay has occurred.

SOURCE: PowerUpGaming