Nintendo Switch Release Date May Have Just Leaked

UK Game Retail Site Has Listed Nintendo Switch Price and Release Date a Week Before Official Announcement

Nintendo is only 6 days away from their Treehouse event for the new Switch console but it looks like some details may have come out earlier than they had intended. Launch games, an official release date, and console pricing are some of the most anticipated announcements and it looks like a UK games retailing site may have leaked two of these.

Nintendo Switch Specs

Unofficially, the Nintendo Switch is slotted for release in March. Not only did the retail site, GameSeek, nail down an exact date on their Switch page (March 17th), but they have also listed a price for the new console: £198.50, which is about $234.66. Though sites like GameSeek sometimes use placeholder dates and prices for upcoming releases, this information could be more than just speculation.  Nintendo is just mere days from officially announcing a whole bunch of info and stats for the console so it isn’t crazy to think that a large distributor would have some advance knowledge. After all, Nintendo will need as many pre-orders of the Switch as possible if they want to convince third party developers to invest in creating software for the console.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Switch

The price listed seems a bit low, but Nintendo does have a history of pricing their consoles lower than the competition. Coupled with the fact that we know the Switch will have slightly inferior processing power when compared to current gen. systems, it’s definitely possible that fans will be able to pick up the console for around $250 USD. In just one more week we should have a solid grasp on what Nintendo plans to release on the Switch at launch (hopefully Zelda: Breath of the Wild), and what franchises we can expect to see in the rest of 2017. When they air their Treehouse live event on January 12th, Nintendo will put a bunch of rumors to rest and fans will finally be able to decide if it’s going to be worth investing in a Switch console.