Nintendo Switch Could See the Return of Eternal Darkness

Nintendo Re-Files Trademark for Eternal Darkness Ahead of Switch Event

As the Tokyo, Japan Nintendo Switch event approaches (Jan 12th) the US Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that Nintendo has refiled their trademark application for ‘Eternal Darkness’. With less than two weeks before the big live stream, it’s interesting that Nintendo chose to renew the trademark rather than let it lapse considering that many are expecting we’ll see a launch lineup for the new console.

Eternal Darkness

The Eternal Darkness series saw its debut in 2002 on the Nintendo GameCube and it was universally well received amongst critics. In 2008, some missteps by Nintendo (or on purpose), caused the trademark to be canceled. Since February of 2010, however, Nintendo has filed three separate trademark applications in attempts to reclaim the name through pre-emptive Intent to Use trademark applications.

Eternal Darkness


A pre-emptive Intent to Use trademark application can only be extended five times, in six-month intervals, though, so Nintendo had to be very careful in this proceeding. After those five extensions, the owner surrenders the right to the IP. Nintendo filed their last extension for “Eternal Darkness” more than a half-year ago, the property “Eternal Darkness” will likely be considered abandoned afterward. To prevent this abandonment, it seems like Nintendo has filed another application for “Eternal Darkness”. This ultimately gives them another three and a half year extension to use the trademark.

Now it’s a bit of a jump to assume that we’ll see Eternal Darkness as any sort of Nintendo Switch launch title but it’s obvious that Nintendo isn’t willing to give up on the IP. Still, with that big lineup reveal expected in only 9 days, you can’t help but wonder what the big N may have up its sleeve.