New Nier Automata Footage: Weapons, Customization, Exploring, Quests

Another Look at Android 2B with New Nier Automata Footage Showcasing Abilities

Everything new regarding Nier Automata is like a gem on the paved road to March. 2015 revealed Android 2B, and 2016 has brought her to life before our eyes. And since the latest demo, many players have become fans. It’s safe to say that Platinum Games has a highly anticipated release on their hands.

Nier Automata footage

Latest Nier Automata footage shows protagonist 2B with companion 9S in tow. Demo players will be well-acquainted with both, but will probably note this is the first time we see them in a dual-journey. It may also be quite revealing to those who saw the demo to its conclusion. We know what happens, but(SPOILERS) both are caught in a massive explosion.

But from this stream, we can also get a feel for questing. What appear to be sub-quests and exploration aspects of the game are prominent in this video, as well as some very interesting new weapons. Square Enix only teased the inclusion of collaborative items. Now we get to see Final Fantasy XV’s “Engine Blade” and Dragon Quest’s “Cypress Stick” in action.

The gameplay footage begins at 24:00, while skills are showcased at 47:30. However, action gameplay with new weapons and moves begins at 54:00.

You may note that, at the end of the video, devs reveal some extra intriguing merchandise. So far they are Japan-exclusive and we are unaware of their future availability for America or Europe. Nevertheless, this latest footage is eye-catching and probably nothing more than a taste of the full game. And gathering from other sources: images, demo, footage, etc, there will be more enemies and more interesting weapons. How many more? We can only hope for the most.

Nier Automata is set for release in March, 2017 for PS4, with PC to be released at a later date. Following this new in-game video, what are your thoughts? Comment and let us know!