The Hottest Amazon PS4, Xbox One and PC Game Deals This Weekend

With Spring quickly coming, the weather changing, and winter’s icy grasp upon us waning ever more, thoughts turn to happier pursuits: hiking, playing outside, travelling, and … playing video games in a dark indoor game room! Woohoo! Yes, nothing says Spring like the sound of explosions emanating from a poorly-lit attic, and the smell of Cheetos and Red Bull permeating the air.

The only concern is how to cover up that big window from the sun’s blinding light – damn Springtime weather! Well, here at COGconnected, we have once again put together a very warm and friendly list of gaming deals for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Enjoy – and remember to stay cool (I’m talking about your console, of course; overheating at this time of year is a big concern).


amazon gaming deals

PlayStation 4 Deals (pg. 1)

Xbox One Deals (pg. 2)

Windows PC Deals (pg. 3)


PlayStation 4 Deals:


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