Bounce Rescue! Review – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Bounce Rescue! Review

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong about a game. Upon first impression alone, you will notice that Bounce Rescue! looks very similar to your typical 2-D platformer (think Mario Bros. or Sonic) mixed with a star ranking system similar to Angry Birds. Therefore, it is so easy to judge this game right away. But, I promise you, if you give it a chance you will find a really fun and additive game.

While there is only a tiny bit of a story in the opening cutscene, it goes like this – one of the members of your team is taken by “The Evil Devil” and it is up to you to save them. Being that you and your team are bouncing balls, you need to bounce your way through 37 different levels to do so.

Bounce Rescue! plays like your typical 2-D platformer except your character bounces instead of walking or running. You will need to get to the end of each stage while hitting enemies with your baseball bat and avoiding obstacles. At the end of each stage, you will be given a score and a rank out of three stars. This is very similar to the scoring system in Angry Birds but it works for this type of game as well. Throughout each level there are gems and coins to gather, the more you gather, the higher the score. So while the goal is to make it to the end of the stage, there is a fair amount of searching around to be done in order to find all the hidden gems. There are even 3 different difficulty settings for you to select and even on the easiest setting it can be challenging in later levels


“Do not be fooled by the cute characters and colors, this game can get very challenging.”

Do not be fooled by the cute characters and colors, this game can get very challenging. At times, there are numerous enemies that take more then one hit on the screen, plus falling obstacles to avoid. Oh and did I mention a time limit? The controls are very simple – if you have ever played a platformer before you will be able to pick up and play Bounce Rescue! It takes a few minutes to get used to your character constantly bouncing around – which I thought would be an issue with platforming – but the levels are designed to work with this mechanic. It does take some getting used too. Also, your character does not bounce all over the place, you are in complete control of them the entire time.

Once you have played the single player levels, Bounce Rescue also has a multiplayer option with classics like Deathmatch, capture the flag and survival. While these features are fun for maybe a few minutes, they really aren’t something you will be spending much time with.


Bounce Rescue’s charm comes from the gameplay and visuals, while they might be typical, it’s a game you can play a few levels and come back later. Sometimes you need a break from the longer gaming sessions or storylines, and just want to play an easy, fun yet addictive game. This is Bounce Rescue’s strong point. Everything is well executed here, the controls, visuals and music all allow for an enjoyable experience. It’s short, sweet and fun – which is sometimes what you need to change up your gaming routine.

***A review code was provided by the publisher***

The Good

  • Simplistic gameplay
  • Bright, colorful levels

The Bad

  • Can get repetitive
  • Nothing innovative