“Hey, where are the forums?”

We take great pride in having a high quality and active membership where communication is open and real friendships are formed and therefore made the decision to keep our community closed.  Our philosophy is that it’s cool to be a gamer. It’s cool to play games in a mature manner the way they were designed and that gaming is made better with great people. COGN aims to portray gaming in a positive light through increasing awareness of the positive side of gaming  If you are interested in joining our ranks and becoming part of a social, culture blurring movement just click the red Join Now over to the right there and get started.  Our registration and approval process is deliberately manual.  We’ll take care of the rest.

If this doesn’t sound like its your thing, that’s cool.  You don’t need to register to view and comment on all of our editorial content.  Whichever way you prefer we hope you enjoy your stay!