UK Gambling Watchdog Does Not Consider Loot Boxes a Form of Gambling

The UK Watchdog Justifies Their Decision by Stating that the Rewards Cannot be Officially Monetized

The question of whether or not loot boxes constitute a form of gambling is everywhere. Different countries across the globe are taking very different stances when it comes to this fundamental question. Nations such as Belgum and Australia are moving to ban loot boxes because they view it as a form of gambling, In comparison, countries such as Ireland believe that it does not. Many other places are still trying to make up their minds, such as the United States. It now seems that the United Kingdom is choosing to perceive loot boxes as not constituting a form of gambling.

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The UK Gambling Commission is the government entity responsible for deciding where the country stands on the issue. In November, the commission published a report stipulating that 30% of children in their poll had opened a loot box. However, the organization did not draw a line connecting gambling and loot boxes.

Recently, Gambling Commission chief executive Neil McArthur expanded on the viewpoint. During a presentation for the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, McArthur states that while there are “significant concerns” about children and loot boxes, it does not qualify as gambling under current laws.

He says “There are other examples of things that look and feel like gambling that legislation tells you are not—[such as] some prize competitions but because they have free play or free entry they are not gambling… but they are a lot like a lottery.”

So long as there aren’t any official channels for monetizing loot box rewards, UK law exempts it as gambling.

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