The First Trailer for Netflix’s The Witcher Series Arrives

We Finally See Geralt in Action!

The Netflix adaption of The Witcher promises to be a spectacle of the highest quality. For months, small teasers have been coming out of the woodworks to entice all the fans bubbling with excitement. From posters showcasing the different characters to the extremely short clip of Henry Cavill drinking a potion, fans have been met with a veritable cornicopia of content. Now, today, we finally see the first trailer for the series.

The Witcher Netflix Posters Revealed

The trailer is a dark epic, showcasing the many plot points that help elevate The Witcher beyond other RPGs. We see glimpses of the politically-driven masquerade balls, the personal struggles of all our heroes and amazing fight scenes. Notably, Geralt is only ever using a single sword in the trailer, further pointing to the theory that season one ends with his wielding the silver blade. Those familiar with the video game or novels know that the silver blade is specifically for slaying monstesr, whereas his other sword is for humanoids.

The trailer focuses on three main characters that are central to the plot. The first is obvious – our protganoist Geralt of Rivia. Geralt receives a fair amount of screen time, which is only fitting. The video displays Geralt in a few different costumes, always with his handy medallion hanging around his neck. We also get to see Yennifer and Ciri, both of whom ppear to be in the centre of the troubles from on onset.

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