Pigeon Simulator Game is in Development by Bossa Studios

Get Ready to Poop on Everything!

It remains a matter of debate if a pigeon pooping on you truly constitutes good luck or if that is simply just a phrase people reiterate to make themselves feel better for being shit on. Regardless, a new game is in development by Bossa Studios that allows players to be a pigeon. Similar to Goat Simulator, the game appears to be a sandbox where causing chaos is the primary obejctive.

As a pigon, you are able to shoot poop at unexpecting humans, smash windows (possibly by throwing people at them) and fly around. Of course, in order to inflict maximum mayham players can also murder and abduct random civilians. Casual bird stuff.

Kevin Suckart (who despite his last name does not, in fact, suck at art) first began teasing Pigeon Simulator in June. Initially the project was meant to be more of a joke, but the popular response to some of the gifs has spurred actual production.

There is no timetable for when Pigeon Simulator will be playable. It also not yet known if players will be able to digest a laxative to induce rapid, poop shooting. For an example, see this YouTube prank.

For a couple short videos showcasing the game, check out Suckart’s Twitter page.

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