Netflix is Adapting the 2D Shooter Game “Cuphead” Into a TV Series

The Extremely Difficult Game ‘Cuphead’ is Getting its own Television Show

Recently, Netflix has not been shy when it comes to adapting popular video games into television series. The Witcher has recently finished its production and fans of the series can look forward to the series’ release later this year. Now, Netflix is moving its attention to the opular, 2D shooter Cuphead. This is a lucky break for everyone who found themselves unable to view the cinematics because they couldn’t get past a particular boss.

Cuphead Featured

Cuphead is an extremely popular 2D shooter that focuses on frequent boss fights. We have reviewed the game and given it a very high score. The game is renown for its incredible level of difficulty, although many claims this does not deter from the enjoyment of the game. Other reviews have applauded the soundtrack of the game, which is definitely an element we hope to see carry over into the show.

Netflix Animations is producing the cartoon and will likely expand on the weird, boss-filled world we have come to love.

Writers and voice actors for the show have not yet been announced.

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