Series A Soccer Team Juventus Is Not Going to Be in Fifa 20

Juventus Signs Exclusive Deal With Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

Juventus, the perenial champions of Italy, boasts one of the best squads in world soccer. Superstars such as Christiano Ronaldo and Aaron Ramsey highlight the roster and help make the team on of the powerhouses in soccer. As a result, Fifa players employ the Juventus team on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this option is no longer available as the team signs an exclusive deal with Konami’ Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2020. This marks the first time in 25 years that Fifa will not hold their rights.


FIFA and PES are competitors in the gaming marketplace, a rivalry stretching back to 1994. Typically, FIFA has the advantage and most teams choose to sign with them. Recently, for example, massive soccer team Liverpool reaffirmed thier licensing agreement with Fifa.

The biggest repercussion of this change is the difficulty of playing as Christiano Ronaldo. While the debate still rages on as to who is better between Messi and Ronaldo, there is absolutely no denying Christiano Ronaldo’s prowess. His incredible speed and jumping ability arguably make the Portguese player an deadly threat whenever he has the ball. Couple that with his exqusitie shot, from both near and far, and he’s a viable goal-scoring machine.

This is not the first time that s star player has been led astry from Fifa. Fifa 99 was missing the Brazilian Ronaldo and Fifa introduced a similar player named A Calcio.

Fear not, however. Christiano Ronaldo is still in the game. The only change is that instead of choosing to play as Juventus, players must select the fictional team “Piemonte Calcio”. The badge and kit for Piemonte Calcio are being designed by EA sports.

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