Henry Cavill Discusses Magic, The Witcher Trailer and Playing Geralt

Cavill Shares All This Information in an Interview With IGN

Henry Cavill shares a bunch of details about Netflix’s The Witcher. With the first teaser trailer for the series dropping, it appears the show is getting much closer to release.

The Witcher Netflix Posters Revealed

Cavill discusses magic in the series. He says “he thing with magic as well, its one of those things which we’re using it as a force which is drawn from. You draw from chaos, and that is explained in Yennefer’s storyline especially, and it manifests in different ways. And you will see it as the audience how it manifests, and some familiar things which players of the game and readers of the books will understand.”

For those who don’t know, a Witcher only has very basic access to magic. A handful of charms allows him to manipulate people or cast minor fire spells. However, Geralt’s mastery is nothing in comparison to actual magic-wielders like Yennifer.
Additionally, Henry Cavill sheds light on the reason his eyes were red at the end of the trailer. He confirms that it is a decoction, which are potions that Witchers use to boost there prowess against particular enemies. Smirking, Cavill refuses to expand any further; “I’m not going to reveal anything yet about that because there are too many parallels drawn with other products as well, which we are not drawing parallels too.”
Cavill also addresses the pains of trying o satisfy every fan of the series. The actor says “It’s tough, there’s always going to be someone or someones who will have a different idea, that’s the beauty of adapting a book. Everyone has their own mental imagery of what a character looks like or how they behave or what they sound like.”
He continues “It’s about going all in and making it what you think it is. It’s not necessarily conforming to what every single person says on the internet because then you’ll lose. Because everyone says something different and it’s different for everyone. You just provide what your insight to the character is and who you believe they are, and you go from there.”