Head of Ukie Says It Is Time to Stop Calling Video Games Addictive

Jo Twist, the Head of Ukie, Seems Very Passionate About His Message

Ukie stands for UK Interactive Entertainment and is responsible for helping support British developers grow the gaming community. During an address at Develop: Brighton, Jo Twist, the head of Ukie, became very passionate in his message that video games are not addictive.

Twist says “People who know me know that I care about words a lot. Semantics and language matters. I get really annoyed when I see game reviews and they say [this game is addictive], when actually what they mean is, ‘This game is really well designed, this game is good, you should play this game’.”

His passionate cry continues, “It’s not fucking addictive. We need to mind our language when we’re using these words because, unfortunately, what happens is the public sphere, politicians, press, people who don’t understand games, listen to this, and they believe us when we say, instead of this is a really good game or a really well-designed game, it’s addictive.”

Dropping the F-bomb surely indicates how serious he takes the matter. The issue has become even more politically-charged recently following the World Health Organization’s recognition of Gaming Disorder. Additionally, many states across the world are beginning to crunch down on regulations in the gaming industry, such as the question of what constitutes gambling. Many nations are starting to demand the removal of loot boxes from games where children are the primary target audience. This is important as many, if not most, video games, dedicate a substantial amount of marketing towards children.

The video game industry clearly has the motivation to prevent too large a public outcry towards games. It is in the best interest of all developers to ensure that no negative connotations become associated with gaming.

Do you agree with Jo Twist? Are video games addictive? Let us know what you think!