Here is Your First Look at Geralt of Rivia’s Trusted Horse Companion, Roach

“Roach” is the Name that Geralt Gives to Every Horse he Owns

It is important to acknowledge that the horse in the picture may simply be one reincarnation of Roach. Roach is the name that Geralt bestows upon every horse that he comes to own. In a picture tweeted out by @NXonNetflix, Geralt is atop his mighty mare as he stares into the distance (likely at a wretched drowner).

The origin of the name likely stems from the Polish word for horse, Płotka, which roughly translates as roach. Moreover, the Polish word is female-gendered, which corresponds with Geralt’s affinity for mares. The other possibility for the origin of the name “Roach” is it deriving from the French word for rock. Roach is the constant horse companion of the witcher, his “rock” if you will.

The picture does not provide a lot of further detail about the Witcher Netflix show. The backdrops illuminate very little as to the specifics of the setting, as we see only a hill and small, wooden homestead. Geralt is only wearing one sword, although if you squint, a part of the pommel for the silver sword appears to be visible. This may suggest that the scene takes place near the end of the first season as it has been hinted that Geralt will begin with one sword and only ascertain the monster-slaying blade later on.

This is not the first pictures from the set of The Witcher that we have. Some other posters depicting a few of the main characters are also available.

The Witcher is coming to Netflix later this year.

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