Dauntless is Getting its First Major Content Update Since its Release

The Fortune and Glory update to Dauntless Gives Players a New Mode for Earning Abilities and New Cosmetics

Dauntless is a major success, amassing over five million players in its first week. Our review also provides Dauntless with a fairly good score, reflecting global popularity. Phoenix Labs, the game’s developer, is now planning to reveal the first major update, entitled “Fortune and Glory”.

dauntless feature

As part of the update, players get a new hunting mode called Trials. The mode adds more dangerous Behemoths to the game as well as new environmental challenges. These challenges spread over two difficulty levels, each with their own unique rewards.

One difficulty level for trials in simply normal, and allows players to earn Steel Marks. Steel Marks are for purchasing useful rewards such as weapon modifications and alternate special attacks. The second difficulty is much harder, the Dauntless difficulty. This mode brings in Gilded Marks, which purchase exclusive cosmetic rewards.

These two currencies are available on to the Trials mode and are spent in a shop owned by a new character, Lady Luck, who is in Ramsgate.

The Fortune and Glory update kicks off a new season called High Skies and goes live on July 16.

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