Become a Man-Eating Shark and Terrorize the Citizens of Los Santos with GTA 5 Mod

When Jaws Meets Grand Theft Auto, Death is Sure to Follow

The ability to become a shark and wreak devastation on humankind is not new. Many such games are already available for purchase, for example, Hungry Shark Evolution and Shark Attack. There is also another big, shark-related game on the horizon, with “Maneater” launching sometime this year. However, if these are not enough to satisfy your appetite (as it should be for any ravenous shark) then a new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod is perfect for you. The latest mod allows players to transform into a man-eating shark and begin the stalking the waters of Los Santos.

The modder responsible for this epic feature is JulioNIB. The work is still in progress, although it is still playable for those who subscrite to JulioNIB’s Patreon.

As a shark, players are able to consume unexpecting fishermen and call cabbies to the water so to feast. Yes, you are reading that correctly. This shark can make phone calls, which just goes to show how far our water-proof technology has come.

As it turns out, being a shark and a gangster have a lot of overlap. Either way, people are dying by your hand (or fin) and problems are solved with murder.

The shark has some realistic features. Players must be close to a large enough body of salt water in order to survive. This means that even swimming pools will not help you live out of water (because in Los Santos everyone has chlorine pools, not those silly salt-water pools).

Your shark may be able to use phones, but guns are a whole different issue. No thumbs or index fingers likely makes pulling the trigger a lot trickier. Thankfully, touch-screen technology is at a point where fins can register. Instead of killing with guns, the shark can bite, tailwhip or headbutt to inflict damage.

There are a number of different sharks that you can choose from. You can be a great white, a hammerhead, a tiger shark, a killer whale (even though orcas actually don’t kill people in the wild, look it up) or even a megalodon.

More details and information on how to install the mod are available here.

Check out the video below from PC Gamer to see what it’s like!

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