Tesla Owners Will Be Able to Play Fallout Shelter in Their Car

Don’t Worry, the Vehicle Must Be in Park to Play Games

Tesla has previously shown the fun easter-egg embedded in their cars that allow people to play classic Atari games on the in-dashboard touchscreens. More recently, Elon Musk announced that the shooter Cuphead is also going to be available in Tesla vehicles. It now seems Bethesda is ready to throw their hat into the ring and will be allowing Fallout Shelter to be playable in Tesla cars.

Fallout Shelter

As of right now, the cars must be put in park for the games to be accessible. Going forward, it seems likely this feature will transition out so long as the self-driving cars become more popular and capable. I mean, people are going to need something to do on the road while their car drives itself. Playing video games seems like a pretty good option.

With more and more games opening up to the possibility of being available in vehicles, it’s impossible to guess what will come next. It seems Tesla is not adding any large games, probably due to the lack of space and memory available for a rather trivial enterprise.

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