Raikou Returning to Pokemon Go for Special Raid Event

The Legendary Lightning Dog is Making a Return Next Week

Niantic is rewarding Pokemon Go players for completing various Global Challenges from their third annual festival in Chicago. The studio is making a number of different bonuses available as well as bringing back the extremely popular Raikou for one day. This is all part of a plan by Niantic to make this summer amazing for everyone playing Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go

One of the bonuses is players will receive double the amount of Candy for capturing and hatching Pokemon. Furthermore, eggs will hatch in half the normal distance and everyone gets a rare candy for participating in Raids. These bonuses are going to remain active until June 25.

On Saturday, June 29, Niantic is holding a Raikou Raid Day. The legendary dog will appear in Raid Battles, and players will have a chance at catching a Shiny Raikou. Those who are without Raid Passes are in luck as you will be able to receive five free passes during the event hours.

Niantic has two more Pokemon Go fest events this summer. The next one is in Dortmund, Germany from July 4-7. Niantic will hold more Global Challenges during that event and may potentially grant more bonuses. The next community day is Sunday, July 21.

Are you excited to catch Raikou again? Is there another legendary Pokemon you would like to see reappear? Let us know in the comments section below!