Monster Hunter World Players Don’t Need Iceborne Expansion to Get Dynamic Difficulty

New Dynamic Difficulty is Amazing for Hunting Monsters in Pairs

The Iceborne expansion is adding a lot of different features to Monster Hunter World, such as a Steamworks minigame and a view mode camera. Notably, they are also adding a new difficulty setting; dynamic mode. Capcom is now saying that the new difficulty is available to players who do not purchase the DLC.

The dynamic difficulty is only available for two-player parties and helps rectify a lot of the complaints players have previously expressed. If a player disconnects amidst a hunt, Monster Hunter World automatically scales the difficulty to the appropriate level. Previously, players were left with the daunting task of combating multiplayer-scaled monsters, which could easily become quite perilous.

The difficulty is available for the entirety of the game, including old and new missions. The update is likely going to appear this weekend accompanying the free Monster Hunter World: Iceborne beta.

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