The Next Hearthstone Expansion May Bring Back the League of Explorers

A Teaser Trailer is Using Music that May Hold the Secret to the Next Big Reveal

A new trailer for the next expansion of Hearthstone is here, and it is bringing with it some exciting teasers. When watching, make sure that you have the volume up because the secret lies in the musical choice. When King Togwaggle lifts the card in the video, the music that starts playing is from the 2015 League of Explorers expansion.


The end of the trailer confirms a July 1 release for the proper reveal. A tweet from the Hearthstone global PR manager Lyndsi Achucarro also proves this.

There is a precedent for bringing back previously used cards. In the Hearthstone expansion, Rise of Shadows, a number of call back card was reintroduced. Examples of these are Reno Jackson, Brann Bronzebeard and Elise Starseeker, all of which were top tier legendary cards.

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