Dungeons & Dragons Game Master Takes Story Way Too Far

WARNING: This Story Contains Some Graphic Content

This story is crazy. At the UK Games Expo currently taking place in Birmingham’s NEC Arena this weekend, a Game Master took his story way to far. During a national showcase of Dungeons & Dragons, the Game Master led players through a scenario where their characters were abducted and gang-raped. Consequently, the man has been thrown out of the event.

A female player who took part in the horrible RPG scenario describes the sexual abuse inflicted on their characters as “appalling”. She later expanded on Twitter, saying it was the worst RPG experience of her life. The organizers have formally apologized. They are now reaching out to the other players involved to offer “any assistance they might need”.

The Game Master is now forbidden from attending any future events. He claims that he chose not to share his plans because he “enjoys the shock factor of it”. This suggests the Game Master has recited the same story previously, which then begs the question of why the organizers allowed him to lead in the first place.

The UK Games Expo claims to be the United Kingdom’s largest hobby games convention.

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