Detention, the Taiwanese Horror Game by Red Candle Games, is Getting a Movie

Detention Takes Us Back to the Era of the White Terror in Taiwan

The Taiwanese horror video game, Detention, is coming to the big screens, at least for those in Taiwan. The game is actually entitled ‘Returning to School’ in its original Chinese and depicts the tragic tale of Fang Ray Shin during the White Terror period in Taiwan.

The movie adaptation’s director, John Hsu, states in Taiwan News “As a gamer, the original Detention game left me shocked and made a deep impact. Even then, I hoped the story could be adapted to film to reach even more people. My goal was to keep the film true to the spirit of the game, but to further develop a unique vision and emotion. I wanted to create a truly unique psychological thriller.”

Setting the film during the era of the White Terror certainly paints an inherently dark atmosphere. The White Terror is a period of martial law in Taiwan that lasted from May 19, 1949, to July 15, 2987. Around 140,000 Taiwanese citizens suffered imprisonment and execution during this time. Many of the allegations levied accused people of being bandit spies, which meant they were spies for Chinese communists. In 2008, Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou apologized to the victims and expressed hope that such a horrendous tragedy would never happen again.

Gingle Wang stars in the film produced by 1 Production Film Co. and Filmagic Pictures. IMDB writes that “she is an actress, known for All Because of Love (2017) and On Children (2018).”

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