Modder Creates Overwatch Version of Super Smash Bros.

Using Overwatch Workshop, A Fan Creates Super Smashwatch!

Ajifjs3 is the developer behind the creation of the spectacular Overwatch adaptation of the beloved video game Super Smash Bros. Using Blizzard’s new community tool, Overwatch Workshop, Ajifjs3 is allowing players to use there favorite Overwatch heroes in a battle royale experience. While this is not the first or only enthralling adaptation of Overwatch, Super Smashwatch is definitely one of the largest and most impressive.

Smash bros feature

The game includes everything one might hope for from a Super Smash Bros. game. Twelve 2-dimensional fighters go head-to-head in the Busan map. Furthermore, players start with three lives and enjoy the same fluid movement characteristic of Smash. Characters retain their abilities from Overwatch but now get boosted with Smash tactics such as shielding, air dodging, and double jumps.

Ajifjs3 has done a superb job with many of the little details that previous projects in Overwatch Workshop take foregranted. This includes things like a brief tutorial and a Super Smash Bros. menu.

Currently, the game remains in active development. Ajifjs3 plans to release new maps in the future. Other people have also taken up the mantle, creating different tutorial videos and trailers.

Unfortunately, Super Smashwatch is available only for PS4 and PC users. If you want to try the game, you can use the code: VZ4YG.

Do you want to try Super Smashwatch? Do you have any other ideas for possible Overwatch Workshop projects? Let us know in the comment section below!

Presenting Super Smashwatch! My version of Smash Bros. in Overwatch! [WORKSHOP] from Overwatch