New Mod Adds Steaming Starbucks Cups to Skyrim

In Honour of Game of Thrones, the Nords of Skyrim Can Now Indulge in Starbucks!

You may remember the hilarious blooper from Game of Throne, Season 8, Episode 4 in which a Starbucks coffee was accidentally left in a scene. Since then, modders have quickly taken up the mantle to add everyone’s favorite coffee into Skyrim.

Skyrim Starbucks


Beginning as a gag on the Skyrim Mods subreddit, people very quickly turned the joke into reality. There are a few different mods to choose from, all of which revolve around the same idea. One of the mods is “Skyland Coffee” and it transforms all tankards into Starbucks cups. It sounds extremely entertaining to walk into Whiterun’s The Bannered Mare and see all the drunkards replaced by overly-caffeinated Nords. Another mod is the “Mysterious Coffee Cup” which only adds a select amount of Starbucks cups scattered throughout the map.

One can only imagine the various concoctions Starbucks could create with the bounty of different resources Skyrim offers. Perhaps a Nirnroot-Spiced Latte or a SweetRoll Frappuccino would be on the menu.