Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Adds New Free Roam Event and Showdown Mode

In the Words of Iron Maiden, “Run to the Hills, Run For Your Life”

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online continues to pump out additional content following their recent graduation from the beta stage. Today game developer Rockstar has announced a new Free Roam Event and Showdown mode. Accompanying the two major additions are bonus outfits such as the Raccoon Hat and Shaffer Chaps.

The Free Roam Event is the ‘Wild Animal Kills Challenge’ and is exactly what it sounds like. Players compete to find the largest, most impressive predator and return to town with its carcass. The number of points awarded depends on the size of the creature. Small animals are worth 1 point, medium animals worth 2 points and large animals worth 3 points. During this event all PvP combat is disabled, meaning players need only focus on the event.

The Showdown Mode is ‘Head For The Hills’. Players need to run across no-mans-land in order to reach their safe house. As a result, opponents have a simple objective: stop them.

In addition to the new gameplay, Rockstar is offering a free bonus gift to those who verify their account. Players verify their Social Club account and in exchange receive 10 Gold Bars as well as an exclusive tint for the racoon hat.

Red Dead Online is adding new content every week. For more information you can visit the Rockstar news page.

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