Pew Dew Redemption Exists and is Exactly What You Would Expect

Embody YouTube Sensation PewDiePie to Single-Handedly Overcome the Nefarious ‘T-Series’

Following the release of Pew Dew Redemption, the cult of Swedish YouTube star PewDiePie has somehow crossed into the grey area of unbelievable yet strangely predictable. Players take on the avatar of the 29-year-old celebrity, the last of the free content creators, to heroicly free the world from the clutches of the evil T-Series. You see, the company has conquered the globe and seeks to pass legislation that will install complete censorship on everyone. Only PewDiePie can save the world!


The game itself is short and basic, although is still somewhat impressive considering it spawned from the¬†devotion of a single fan. Players must fight evil robots guarding the company as you journey to comically large “Delete Channel” button. The combat is unchallenging as the robots rarely strike back at PewDiePie. Not to mention you have the “Infinity P”, a ferocious weapon the game describes as having “the power to kill a god”.

A mysterious developer who goes by the handle Enki is the make of the game. Enki embraces the grand design aspect of video game creation, putting himself in the digital world as a deity-like figure. His voice narrates the backstory and provides a few entertaining anecdotes along the way. One such quote is “I’ve lost track of what my powerlevel is. Perhaps one decillion, perhaps nothing, power without boundaries”. Evidently, Enki understood the inherent comedic element to his game, which is reassuring at the very least.

The origin of the game stems from the real-life conflict between PewDiePie and Indian music channel T-Series. The two are competing to see who can garner the most subscriptions. PewDiePie’s loyal supporters were quickly up to the tas, encouraging millions of new people to subscribe to their champion. A hacker even sent out a PewDiePie promotion to printers all over the world! He has been so successful, in fact, he recently asked his followers to end the ¬†“Subscribe to PewDiePie” movement. Regardless, the race is far from cut and dry. T-Series has been catching up fast and only time will tell who shall reign supreme. I don’t think I need to explain how such a grandiose¬†undertaking can inspire such a quality game.

You can check out the game here so long as you already have Steam downloaded. Even if you’re not the biggest PewDiePie fan, it’s an entertaining way to spend half an hour. That is, so long as you’re not part of Team T-Series…