Lilith Games Receive Backlash for Sponsoring Player in a Huge Way

Rise of Kingdoms player receives free help to rise above other kingdoms

Lilith Games is receiving ample amounts of negative feedback following news they supported a particular player against another player in their mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms. Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy war game where users construct buildings, train army units and wage war with others. Players are surrounded by other kingdoms, meaning they constantly are at risk of invasion. Losing an invasion results is losing units and resources, thus there are dire consequences.

The current scandal facing Lilith Games is due to their questionable choice of providing free gifts to one player while they were warring against other players. The gifts received amounted to various speed ups and gems, the currency used for in-game purchases. These gems drastically expedite the process of increasing a players strength and in turn, their warring capability.

It is important to recognize the player Lilith Games supported is one of their sponsored content creators, a YouTube streamer named Legend Rhony. As a content creator, Legend Rhony was given weekly infusions of resources so to better broadcast various aspects of the game. The rationale for investing in content creators by Rise of Kingdom is it provides knowledge that help novice players. This assistance can be things such as choosing a civilization based on late-game advantages or selecting commanders to invest in.

The issue is that Lilith Games chose to provide Legend Rhony with resources when he asked for assistance in his war against another, non-sponsored player. As a result, Legend Rhony was able to win the war, destroying any who came in his path. The Rise of Kingdoms community became infuriated with the unfair playing field in battle due to these drastic advantages. Some players went so far as to demand refunds for every in-game purchase they previously made, totaling thousands.

Lilith Games responded by placing significant blame on the Legend Rhony for unfairly utilizing the resources. They have also ceased to provide any assistance to their content creators. However, some fans are still criticizing Lilith Games for not compensating those players ravaged as a result of the unfair playing field. As of now, Lilith Games have not responded to those requests and are actively attempting to move on. In fact, the company have closed the community forum discussing the debacle on their website.

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